Hotel Sabrina Cesenatico

152OPENPLACE: illustrated services


152OPENPLACE is also a restaurant, where it’s possible to spend few hours of relaxation with your couple, family and friends, trying the house specialities such as: FRIED FISH CHUNKS DISH FROM OUR SEA, PIZZA made in WOOD-FIRED OVEN and large SELF-SERVICE BUFFET.

What is our restaurant service like?

The guest starts moving along a path which takes him to a buffet where he or she can help themselves, choosing between: pasta prepared in front of you, gratin pasta dishes, stake and fish dish, sea salad and vegetables, sweets and fruits buffet. The itinerary ends at the cash register where the guest can order the following specialities: fried fish chunks dish (calamari and shrimp) with or without vegetables (zucchini and fried carrots), French fries, pizza and kids menu.

In the 152OPENPLACE park, birthday parties, first communions and graduation parties are organized.

152OPENPLACE is also synonymous with partying. It’s also a novelty to the clients of the Sabrina Hotel, guests of the Dolci family, the night of music and dancing and having dinner at the 152openplace park including fried fish chunks, pizza made in wood-fired oven, sea salad and other self-service buffet dishes.