In 2009, the Dolci family was delighted to inaugurate its new restaurant, in a spacious and welcoming building adjacent to Hotel Sabrina, where guests can spend some time relaxing with their partners, family or in the company of friends, savouring some of the house specialities, such as fried fish, pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven, a rich self-service buffet and a special kids’ menu. 

In 2014, the Hotel Sabrina and 152OpenPlace restaurant integrated permanently, leading to introduction of the Village Formula: buffet lunch and dinner with drinks included and more flexible mealtimes at 152OpenPlace or al fresco in our garden adjacent to the pool.

Appetizer buffet


The hotel village’s 152OpenPlace restaurant is open every day from midday to 2:00 pm and from 7:00 to 9:30 pm with a vast selection of appetizers designed to satisfy any palate and any request.

First courses of the day 


Every day, at lunch and dinner, we serve both fish and meat and au gratin first courses. And for kids, the menu includes pasta served with meat or tomato sauce, pesto or butter. 

Pizzeria with wood-fired oven


At dinner time, as well as the buffet, the restaurant also operates as a pizzeria with wood-fired oven, available for hotel village guests. 

Dessert at the village


Cake or sorbet? You choose! 

A different homemade cake every dinner time.