Hotel in Cesenatico with pool and hydromassage

The Hotel Sabrina private pool is in the park area of the village and is the ideal place for the young and young at heart alike. The semi-Olympic sized pool (25 m) is 2.8 m at its deepest and 1.5 m at its shallowest. It is ideal for both sportsmen and women and for those who want a relaxing swim after a long day on the beach. At one end of the swimming pool there’s a hydromassage, as well as a kids’ pool that is 50 cm deep.

Supervised and cleaned meticulously every day by our lifeguards, the Hotel Sabrina Village pool is one of the best places to relax, yet at the same time, also has something for even the most active guests, thanks also to our fantastic team of entertainers. Water aerobics and lots of other activities, ranging from diving competitions to pizza parties, from Nutella parties to water basketball and group dances, offer guests plenty of opportunities to have fun and enjoy entertainment and sport. The park area also boasts a sun terrace with beds, the perfect place for relaxing until sunset, sipping a delicious aperitif or house cocktail. 

The pool in the park


The hotel village park hosts a semi-Olympic sized pool, the hub of lots of daytime activities. 

Water activities


Water aerobics, diving competitions, hydromassage and kids’ dance parties are just some of the activities that take place at the hotel village pool area. 


A cocktail of bubbles


Too hot and thirsty? The hydromassage area could be the ideal place for a little relief from the heat. 

Attention to detail


Always supervised and tended every day by our highly-specialised personnel, the swimming pool is the feather in the cap of the Hotel Sabrina Village offer. 

A sun terrace for relaxing 


Inside the park and adjacent to the pool, we have a totally relaxing sun terrace area where guests can enjoy the sunset, while sipping a house aperitif.